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Lollapalooza 2014 Tickets

Lollapalooza 2014 Tickets-: Lollapalooza is a dynamic music festival designed for you and some friends or the entire family. This amazing Chicago even it typically hosted in beautiful Grant Park where you have lots of space, a breath taking view of the city and it’s not far from lake Michigan. This amazing festival has great food, kids activities, music, and fun activities for everyone and more.

About this music festival:
This music festival started out as a touring music festival, and a farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction it grew quite a bit and now has it’s home in Chicago since 2005 as a destination spot for those who love music and are eager to enjoy a variety of music in the same event.

Now people travel from all over the USA and the world to enjoy their favorite style of music and their favorite bands at one festival. It’s a real treat for music lovers, foodies, and kids. Chicago loves hosting festivals and this festival alone has so much to offer that it’s grown to be a very world-renowned event.

Here are some of the types of music here at Lollapalooza:
- Hip-hop
- Alternative
- Metal
- Pop
- Dance and more

Lollapalooza  Tickets 2014

Bring an appetite:
Food there’s lots of food at Chicago festivals; Chicagoans are true foodies, so bring an appetite to enjoy lots of different food. If you haven’t had any traditional Chicago favorites I’d definitely recommend trying some they are sooo delicious! Typically you can find great Chicago hotdogs, pizza, Italian Beef and more.
This has become so popular with this festival that there are now two areas that have food set up for you!

The music stages are set up at several locations around the park with the various styles for your enjoyment, so pick your favorite styles and make your way over and enjoy a fantastic festival.

Lollapalooza for kids
The kids love this festival because there is everything here to help them rock out to the music, including workshops on music, hairstyles, skateboarding and more.Discover more about Chicago music events and where to where to find more amazing festivals,

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